New: GOTS Version 4.0

On March 1rst, 2014 the International Working Group (IWG) released the new version 4.0 of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Transition period for users of GOTS to fully comply with the new Version of GOTS will be one year.
The Standard and the revised manual can be found on the GOTS website:, which also provides a document that outlines the changes.
Any chemical input used in processing of certified textiles after March 1rst 2015 must be assessed and approved according to the GOTS 4.0 criteria.

New Policy for Issuing of Letters of Approval for Colourants and Textile Auxiliaries:

The GOTS international working group released an official policy for the preparation of the letter of approval, formerly known as positive lists. The purpose of this policy is to unify layout, format and text among the different certifiers in order to enable an easy and practical handing and verification for all positive lists of Approval.
For further information please visit the GOTS website: or send an email to